University of Tasmania Survey

University of Tasmania Survey – Study into mathematics in home-schooling

Dear parents,


My name is Dr Robyn Reaburn ( and I am a Lecturer in Mathematics Education in the School of Education at the University of Tasmania. I am currently conducting research into mathematics education for home-schooled children.


You have received this email because you are a member of this association who has kindly agreed to pass on this study’s information. Please be assured that no contact details have been revealed to the researcher. Conversely if you choose to participate in any aspect of the study your association will have no knowledge of your involvement, they are not involved in any data collection or analysis and they will not have any access to the data collected from this study.


My research involves investigating the beliefs, attitudes and confidence of parents of home-schooled children with regard to mathematics. I would also like to explore what guides parents’ choices of mathematics resources and the level of satisfaction with the choice of resources available.


To date there is very little research on home-schooling in Australia, and worldwide, and little research into home-schooling in mathematics. It is my belief that the increasing trend towards home-schooling is part of a social change occurring in Australia. As a researcher in a university I am interested in reaching beyond the boundaries of traditional education to share stories, learn best practice from others and develop new ways of working together.


Depending on the outcomes of this study, it is envisaged that resources will be developed for parents and children to assist in filling any gaps that may be identified. Booklets about mathematics in the early years (K-2) have already been developed and will be available as an on-line resource in the near future. It is hoped that this study will be the beginning of a long term association with parents in the home-schooling domain.


I would like to invite you to participate in this study. There is a fuller rationale for this study in the attached information sheet. I would be very grateful if you could take up to 30 minutes to complete this survey by clicking on this link:

This link will be available until Friday 30 Dec 2016.

If you would prefer to print off a copy of the survey and complete it by hand there is a PDF of the survey attached. Please mail the survey to the address provided.


At the end of the Qualtrics survey there will be an opportunity for you to indicate your willingness to participate in a follow-up interview. These interviews will be an opportunity for me to gain a more in-depth perspective of home-schooling and mathematics. If you consent to the follow-up interview, a copy of the interview questions will be emailed prior to the interview. It is expected these interviews will take place in early 2017.


Anyone is able to withdraw from this study at any stage without providing an explanation.


If you are interested I will provide feedback on findings from this study in an appropriate and timely manner.


The study is trying to reach as many home-schooling parents as possible in Australia. If you believe there is someone who might like to be involved in this study, I would greatly appreciate you passing on this invitation.



Yours sincerely


Robyn Reaburn

Lecturer in Mathematics Education

University of Tasmania

+61 3 6324 3057

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