Australia’s education system failing business and students

Interesting story from Business Insider Australia on how business sees the current state of education in Australia.

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Australia’s education system is failing both business and students

Every family needs a tradie or two. Picture: Getty Images

I was at a dinner recently with some fairly senior businesspeople in Newcastle.

It was a round table function where everyone gave their view of the economy and how it is impacting them. It was my job to sum everything up and tie the overall global macro economic and markets outlook back to some form of relevance to the audience.

We talked a lot about the region and the world and it was my job to answer a few questions.

But there was one question I couldn’t answer and it’s a question I have been trying to figure out for a couple of years now. It’s a simple question really, one that when I was a kid was easily answered but one which in the post-Dawkins higher education era where everyone is supposed to finish year 12 and the school certificate (as it was called when I was in year 10) doesn’t exist anymore, isn’t quite as simple.

The question, asked by one of the more senior members at dinner, was what advice should this fellow give his grandkids who really weren’t academic and couldn’t see the point of year 12. They wanted to do an apprenticeship but apprenticeships are hard to find.

It got me thinking, again, about how the education system is set up to funnel kids into university, but uni and a HECS debt is not, and should not be, for everyone.

It was with this mindset that nationally we are failing an important slice of kids coming through the system that I read a piece of research from the Australian Industry Group (AiGroup) which had coincidentally floated through my inbox.

The AiGroup has recently conducted one its regular surveys of employers to ask them about their workplace development and skills needs. It found “significant skills shortages, especially for technicians and trade workers”.

So I was wondering why the heck it seems so hard to get an apprenticeship.

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