Volunteers for medical ultrasound

Hi Home-school network,
I am a Paediatric Emergency Physician at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and have a keen interest in teaching others point-of-care ultrasound. We use ultrasound in the resuscitation and emergency environment as the visual stethoscope of the 21st century as it gives us accurate information at the beside. Therefore, I have been assisting with running a paediatric ultrasound course through the Australian Institute of Ultrasound on the Gold Coast (http://www.aiu.edu.au/programs_and_courses/d/?c=6&i=67). However, given that we run the course during the week, it is very difficult to access children as volunteers. I am wanting to know if the home school network would be interested in publicising the opportunity to volunteer as an ultrasound model, given their better availability during the week? They would only be required for a morning or afternoon and help doctors learn ultrasound to improve the care of children in the emergency and save lives. There is no radiation involved and it is not painful. Privacy would be maintained at all times. They would have the opportunity to learn more about ultrasound and human anatomy (even visualise their own heart beating!).
Peter Snelling

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